Short Practices (Under 20-Minutes)

Here at The Yogi Club, it's understood that we humans feel most happy when we are free from pain and living a life filled with purpose! All of the curriculum is designed and curated with this in mind. Whether you enjoy a 15-minute AYAMA yoga practice, sit down for a guided meditation, dive deep into a pain-free series, or sign up for one of my yoga teacher training immersions — I guarantee, you will be on your way to finding YOUR happy place! ~Yogi Aaron

Join The Yogi Club today to access these Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA) classes with me and so much more!

Runner Series - Day 2
6 Minute Muscle Activation Practice For The Hips + Core

How to activate your psoas
7 Minute Practice to Activate Your Psoas

Runner Series - Day 3
8 Minute Muscle Activation Practice For The Hips + Core

Runner Series - Day 1
10 Minute Muscle Activation Practice For The Hips + Core

Buldging discs - how to heal from
10 Minute Practice for Bulging Discs | How To Heal!

10-minute yoga sculpt at Blue Osa
10-Minute Practice Yoga Sculpt

13-minute practice to activate
13 Minute Morning Practice to Activate

A Handstand practice
15 Minute Handstand Tutorial

The Neck - How to Have a Pain Free Nexk Exercises
15 Minute Practice To Get Rid Of Neck Pain

Practice to quiet the mind
15 Minute Practice To Relax + Turn Off The Mind

A quick hack to correct your posture
15 Minute Quick Hack To Correct Your Posture

15 Minute Muscle Activation Therapy For The Feet

Activate Your Core Strength
15 Minute Practice To Activate Your Core Strength

Expand your breath - lateral sequence
15 Minute Practice To Expand Your Breath + Strengthen Your Core

How to improve your flexibility in less than 10 - minutes 1 - for the yogi club
15 Minute Practice to Improve Your Flexibility

Knee pain and how to get rid of it
20 Minute Practice to Fix Knee Pain Fast!

20 MINUTE YOGA FOR FLEXIBILITY | Do these 5 poses with me
20 Minute Yoga For Flexibility + Strength

Balancing  Ocean Flow - Embrace all that is around you.  1
20 Minute Balancing Ocean Yoga Flow To Embrace All That Is Around You

flexible hips
20 Minute Hip Opening Yoga

20 Minute Intermediate Yoga Routine
20-Minute Intermediate Routine

Yoga Practice To Stabilize the Pelvis | a 20 minute yoga practice
20 Minute Yoga to Stabilize Your Pelvis

short wheel practice | 23 minute yoga practice
20 Minute Yoga Practice for Strength

practice for scoliosis for members
20 Minute Scoliosis Practice | Improve Your Spinal Alignment + Muscle Function