Course Summary

Get In and Get Out (Practices Under 30-Minutes)

Here at The Yogi Club, it's understood that we humans feel most happy when we are free from pain and living a life filled with purpose! All of the curriculum is designed and curated with this in mind. Whether you enjoy a 15-minute AYAMA yoga practice, sit down for a guided meditation, dive deep into a pain-free series, or sign up for one of my yoga teacher training immersions — I guarantee, you will be on your way to finding YOUR happy place! ~Yogi Aaron

Join The Yogi Club today to access these Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA) classes with me and so much more!

Do this every morning
Wake yourself up in this gentle yoga flow every morning
Dynamic Flow
A Costa Rican Dynamic Flow
Yoga for digestion - a dynamic practice to awaken
Yoga for improved digestion - a dynamic practice to awaken your body
30 MIN YOGA WORKOUT | Full body Strengthen & Stretch Flow 1
Full Body + Strength Flow
Scoliosis - yoga practices for
A yoga practice for Scoliosis
prepare to work out upper body 1
Prepare your upper body for a workout
* gentle Body Flow
A Gentle Flow To Awaken Your Inner Peace
A short beach practice
A Short Beach Practice
Instant Maui or instant blue osa
Instant Blue Osa (A Restorative Yoga Practice)
A Short Flow To Engage Your Core The AYAMA way!
A Short Flow To Engage Your Core The AYAMA way!
short wheel practice | 23 minute yoga practice
A Short Practice for Wheel to Engergize Your Life
Yogi Aaron | Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation
Yoga Practice For Strength + Stability | 26-Minutes
Yoga for digestion
Yoga For Digestion | A restorative practice
How to properly prepare for lower body
Prepare your lower body for a run, walk, hike, or workout