Move Smarter: AYAMA™ Alternatives to Common Yoga Poses

Tired of struggling with alignment or experiencing pain during yoga? Discover safe and effective AYAMA™ alternatives to common (and debilitating) postures taught in yoga classes today, like Child's and Pigeon Pose. You will also learn to deconstruct key yoga postures like Triangle, Bird-Dog, and more, using step-by-step AYAMA™ techniques with Yogi Aaron. Additionally, you will master the activation of specific muscles for improved alignment, a stronger foundation, and freedom from pain, giving you the power to practice various common yoga poses safely and joyfully at home or in a studio class. 

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Module 1

pigeon pose how to
Pigeon Pose Alternatives: Move Smarter!

triangle pose how to
Triangle Pose

Bird-Dog Pose (Quadruped)

why squats are not working
Glutes Activation (Improve Every Posture!)