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Welcome to The Yogi Club!


Hi, I’m Yogi Aaron.  

I started The Yogi Club because I wanted to create an online, inclusive wellness space where I could help as many people as possible live a pain-free life and manifest their life purpose.

Whether you're a yoga beginner, a seasoned practitioner, or a yoga teacher — you are welcome here!

From Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA) yoga classes, workshops, courses, and teacher training programs to meditations and relaxation practices to inspirational virtual events — The Yogi Club is home to anyone desiring a deeper experience of yoga who is ready to be spiritually awakened.

I am grateful to be your guide on this journey of yoga!

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Hear the Inspiring Story of Yogi Aaron!

From Rockslide to Paradise — learn how Yogi Aaron developed his unbreakable spirit.

What makes The Yogi Club unique?

Here at The Yogi Club it's understood that us humans feel most happy when we are free from pain and living a life filled with purpose! All of the curriculum is designed and curated with this in mind. Whether you enjoy a 15 minute AYAMA yoga practice, sit down for a guided meditation, dive deep into a pain-free series, or sign up for one of my yoga teacher training immersions — I guarantee, you will be on your way to finding YOUR happy place!

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