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20 Minute Pelvis Reset Practice For Lower Back Pain

As a foundational element to many movements of the body, the pelvis is an important bone that protects the spine and protects the organs. If you are someone who is suffering from lower back pain, neck pain, or even jaw pain, then this video is for you!

Often caused by movements as simple as standing, sitting, or bending over the wrong way, pelvic misalignment is a common ailment that many people experience. If your pelvis is tilted, something that is true for many of us, it can put additional strain on the sacroiliac joints and musculature of the lower back. But don’t worry! This quick, 20-minute video is an easy and natural way to reset the pelvis and leave you feeling better aligned and closer to a pain-free day.

Focused on engaging the muscles of the pelvic floor and working on the muscles that support the pelvis, Yogi Aaron will guide you through some simple movements and leave your whole body feeling great!

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