Course Summary

The Energetics of Postures with Karina Mirsky

Three Energetic Effects of Yoga Practice
w/Karina Mirsky

The therapeutic application of yoga can provide vastly different energetic outcomes: Langhana means "to reduce" and has a calming effect, Brahmana means "to increase" with an energizing effect, and Sama Vritti is the balance between them. These three 30-minute practices will give you a direct experience with these three energetic effects of the practice.

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Meet Karina
_Brahmana_ - Energizing Yoga Effect with Karina Mirsky
Brahmana | Energizing Yoga Effect | 26-Minute Yoga Practice
_Langhana_ - Calming Yoga Effect with Karina Mirsky
"Langhana" | Calming Yoga Effect | 30-Minute Yoga Practice
_Sama Vritti_ - Balancing Yoga Effect with Karina Mirsky
Sama Vritti | Balancing Yoga Effect | 30-Minute Yoga Practice