Long Practices (60-Minutes + Longer)

Here at The Yogi Club, it's understood that we humans feel most happy when we are free from pain and living a life filled with purpose! All of the curriculum is designed and curated with this in mind. Whether you enjoy a 15-minute AYAMA yoga practice, sit down for a guided meditation, dive deep into a pain-free series, or sign up for one of my yoga teacher training immersions — I guarantee, you will be on your way to finding YOUR happy place! ~Yogi Aaron

Join The Yogi Club today to access these Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA) classes with me and so much more!

Yoga Practice with Aaron
A Dynamic Backbend Practice

yoga for abundant energy
1-hour Yoga Flow to Expand Your Ability to Receive with Yogi Aaron || 60 Minute Yoga Practice

Muscle Activation Class to Improve Our Ability To Breathe More Deeply | 2:30 minute class

Enliven Your Spine | 75-Minute Yoga Class

transformation, indomitable will
Embody Transformation, indomitable will and strength | 63-Minute Yoga Class

The power of prana || yoga + muscle activation flow
The power of prana || yoga + muscle activation flow

shoulder stability and backbends - yogi aaron
A Dynamic + Powerful Backbending Practice | 65-minute Yoga Class

Stability in the hip flexors || The Power Of Applied Yoga Anatomy in Action | 85-Minute Yoga Class

twist practice - mind is empty yogi aaron
Yoga Class to Empty Your Mind

day 5 - lateral practice with aaron expanding my capacity
A Yoga Practice To Expand Your Capacity

The practice of letting go and connecting to the earth | 90-Minute Yoga Class

Yoga For Your Neck || A 75-minute yoga practice

Introduction To Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga Practice || Restore Your Body, Mind and Spirit | 160-Minute Yoga Class

wheel pose | building shoulder strength and core stability
Building Shoulder Strength and Core Stability | Yoga Backbends with Yogi Aaron

Muscle Activation Yoga Class for the Feet | A 80-Minute Yoga Class

A Class to get rid of Neck Pain

The Power Of Applied Yoga Anatomy Class || A 90-minute yoga practice

Stabilize Your Hips || A 75-minute yoga practice

Stabilize and Have More "Open" Hips
Stabilize and Have More "Open" Hips || An applied yoga anatomy 75 minute practice