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Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA), created by Yogi Aaron, is a revolutionary way to practice yoga that focuses on activating and engaging muscles rather than stretching them — and it isn’t being taught by anyone else! This yoga methodology reduces pain and risk of injury while increasing range of motion, muscle strength, stability, and alignment.


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"I created AYAMA to effectively address the chronic pain issues so many of my students came to class with." ~Yogi Aaron

I'm Yogi Aaron, creator of Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™ (AYAMA). I understand how pain can keep you from doing your favorite activities - like yoga, riding your bike, or simply enjoying a walk outside. I understand how it can distract you from being able to be present with your loved ones and experience all the goodness life has to offer you.

I've been face-to-face with the dragon of pain many times and it's led me on a unique journey to truly learn, "Why do people have pain in their bodies?"

After 20+ years of asking, seeking, exploring, studying, experimenting... I can confidently say, I've found many answers, but more important than that, I've discovered a simple and effective technique to alleviate the pain! One I can incorporate easily into my yoga practice or any movement activity to ensure I continue to live pain-free into my golden years! Say hello to Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation™!!!

It lights me up to imagine a world free from pain. When we feel good in our bodies we can then focus on discovering and manifesting our life purpose. And, living our purpose is what we're here to do! 

Whether you are seeking pain relief or simply want to practice yoga in a way that is sustainable and truly empowering for body-mind-spirit — you're in the right spot. 

And, if you're a yoga teacher who wants to be a part of my yoga revolution, I've got lots of resources to help you evolve your teaching so together we can truly create a world free from pain.


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