Neck Pain: 7-Day Yoga Series

This series of classes is for anyone who is dealing with neck pain. 

Using the principles of AYAMA, Yogi Aaron goes step by step through all of the muscles that affect the health of the neck and gives you the tools the strengthen them, thereby eliminating any pain. 

These classes will lead you to have a stronger neck with a greater range of motion. These classes are for anyone who is suffering from headaches, a stiff neck, insomnia, or are generally feeling cranky in life. 

Neck - practice one
#1 - Neck Practice - The health of the neck

Neck - practice two
#2 - Neck Practice - Strengthening the rotators

Neck - practice three
#3 - Neck Practice - Activate the shoulders

Neck - practice four
#4 - Neck Practice - Activate and strengthen the muscles of the neck

Neck - practice five
#5 - Neck Practice - Activate the support system of the neck

Neck - practice six
#6 - Neck Practice - Activate the upper back and strengthen the shoulders

Neck - practice seven
#7 - Neck Practice - Rehab for the neck