Foot Pain: 5-Day Yoga Series

Struggling with foot pain, ankle pain, or even knee pain? It could all start with your feet!

This 5-part video series with Yogi Aaron will guide you through targeted Applied Yoga Anatomy + Muscle Activation (AYAMA™) techniques specifically designed to relieve foot pain and strengthen your entire lower body.

In 15 minutes or less per day, you'll learn:

  • How to activate key foot muscles for better stability and balance (Video 1: Strong Feet, Stable Life)
  • Why healthy feet are critical for healthy knees (Video 2: Healthy Feet, Healthy Knees)
  • Techniques to target the powerful muscles in your feet (Video 3: The Big Muscles of Your Feet)
  • What the plantar fascia is and how to address it (Video 4: The Plantar What?!)
  • Effective alternatives to stretching for long-lasting pain relief (Video 5: Do This Instead of Stretching)

Yogi Aaron's unique AYAMA™ approach combines movement and muscle activation to address the root cause of pain, not just the symptoms.

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5-Part Series

feet 1
Practice 1: Strong feet, stable life

feet 2
Feet Practice 2: Healthy feet, healthy knees

feet 3
Feet Practice 3: The big muscle of your feet!

feet 4
Feet Practice 4: The plantar what?

feet 5
Feet Practice 5: Do this instead of stretching!