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Learn the #1 secret ingredient to sequencing a powerful, life-transforming yoga class!

Calling all yoga teachers!

Join Yogi Aaron to learn the #1 ingredient to masterfully sequence your yoga classes. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been teaching for years, this FREE webinar will uplevel your teaching, helping you create powerful yoga sequences that spring forth a sense of stability in your students that inspire their spiritual evolution. 

In this insightful conversation, you will:

• Learn the #1 ingredient to creating a life-transforming yoga sequence.

• Receive the yoga class sequence recipe that Yogi Aaron has developed in his 30+ years of teaching

• Gain practical tips and tricks to make your yoga class sequences accessible for ALL levels of students

• Have a chance to ask Yogi Aaron questions on the spot about yoga teaching and sequencing


Wonderful talk yogi Aaron! Great reminders and golden nuggets of info. The way you taught us really has sticking power. For example, Every time I’m in or teaching paschimottanasana, your face pops up in my mind and I never teach to pull yourself down using arm strength or grabbing the feet. It makes a lot of intuitive sense once you practice this way yourself you can more easily teach it!

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Yogi Aaron

@Lynne Bielska thank you so much for your kind words. That 6-week YTT we did was powerful stuff. I am so happy to know you took away so many gems. 

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