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Why Are My Muscles Tight? | Causes Of Muscle Tightness

"Why are my muscles tight?"

Have you ever asked yourself this? 

Tightness and tension are regular occurrences for many of us.

But where does this tightness come from? Why do we feel tense? And what is really the best way to release it?

I know a lot of people turn to yoga and stretching to deal with their tightness. That's what I did, too, for so many years.

I also used stretching to deal with my pain (it's what all the fitness and wellness professionals touted).

But while stretching sometimes gave me some relief for a little bit of time — it didn't resolve the underlying reason of why I was tight in the first place or what was actually causing my pain. And in many cases, my pain would come back even more ferociously after a good yoga stretch sesh.

Long story short, after a couple of decades of stretching daily to keep my tension and pain at bay, I finally discovered why I suffered daily from pain.

It was the very thing I was told to do (and doing with great discipline) that was the culprit...



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